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"SS. TRINITÀ DI CAVA" Triennial International Gathering

Exhibition/Conference of  Art - Culture - Religion  

Via Morcaldi, 6, Badia SS. Trinità di Cava, 84013, Cava de’ Tirreni, Salerno, Italy.

14-16 July 2008


Argument encounter:

"God is Love, Love is Art"


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Press bulletin and invitation


The web portal ARTCUREL: Art, Culture and Religion (>) organize in collaboration with the S. ALFERIO ABATE Association the “SS. Trinità di Cava" International Gathering 14-16 July 2008, a ecumenical triennial encounter for all the friends and the persons interested to universal the artistic and cultural expression in connection with the catholic Christian religion.

Link webpage SS. Trinità di Cava International Gathering in Artcurel portal:

The International Gathering “SS. Trinità di Cava” is an encounter in order to reflect on the truth of the Gospel di Jesus, to promote the culture of the life and the civilization of the love for a peace world, to introduce the personal religious, cultural, artistic, scientific and technological searches, to exchange experiences and to always clear some essential moments of the life and the conscience and of the man today. In such sense the various works cultural, artistic, scientific, technological, etc are placed on the topic

“God is Love, Love is Art”

that the participants will be able to expose to the Gathering like personal contributions or expression of one collectivity.

The Gathering “SS. Trinità di Cava” promotes the profitable and positive dialogue between art, culture and catholic Christian religion in one perspective ecumenical. The Gathering addresses to all - children, young people, adults, old - single and families, schools and associations, etc for one total expression of the society.

The International "SS. Trinità di Cava" Gathering of will be to the insignia of the faith, hope and charity, and will have lived with simplicity, humility and harmony. After all an encounter between Friends in the Light of Love of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Mission of the Gathering of “SS. Trinità di Cava” is to promote and to deepen through the art, science and the culture the encounter of the humanity with God.

The International Gathering of "SS. Trinità di Cava" is articulated in three days, from the 14 to the 16 July 2008, and it will organize in creative way based on the persons participants, proposing itself like organic “open work” inspired from the Love of God.

The 14 July beginning 1° Day Gathering at hours 15,00 near the Abbey of the SS. Trinity of Cava de' Tirreni, SA, Italy: it is the day in which the persons they are known and together, if there are works to show or to execute, in order of registration organizes and it prepares the exhibition, a brief presentation Conference of the Gathering of SS. Trinity, etc… The evening communitarian prayer and conversation. Closed 1° Gathering Day hour 19,00.

The 15 July beginning 2° Day Gathering at hours 9,00 will be completed the preparation and at hour 10,00 begin Conferences on the theme “God is Love, Love is Art”, moments of exchange of experiences, testimonies, etc.. During the day opportunity to tour monumental complex to the Abbey of SS. Trinity. It will also organize extemporaneus excursions to the historical, artistic and cultural presences on the territory. The evening communitarian prayer and conversation. Closed 2° Gathering Day hour 19,00.

The 16 July beginning 3° Day Gathering at hours 9,00 with the Holy Mass at the Abbey of SS. Trinity of cava in liturgical solemnity of the Virgin Mary of Carmel and personal and communitarian encounter with the SS. Trinity. After, from 10,00 to 12,30 hours will participate to the exhibition organized, to exchange views, tour to the Abbey of SS. Trinity, etc.. It will follow the communitarian lunch and free conversations. To hours 18,00 communitarian prayer, greetings and conclusion of the Gathering “SS. Trinità di Cava”.

The documentations and works exposed from the participants, the relations, the reflections, annotations, poetries, sketches, designs, ideas, proposals, etc of the International Gathering of "SS. Trinità di Cava" inherent the topic “God is Love, Love is Art” will be object of one successive publication edited by the Editing of ARTCUREL.


Deepenings on the argument "God is Love, Love is Art":

" Deus Caritas Est " (Dio è Amore), Lettera Enciclica di Papa Benedetto XVI

 Lettera agli Artisti, di Papa Giovanni Paolo II


Dio Amore Arte: spunti di meditazione, a cura di padre Claudio Traverso   

 "Dio è Amore, Amore è Arte", riflessioni sul tema del Raduno di Artcurel 2008 di Marisa Russo  


The participants could be present from the beginning of the Gathering, or also to choose to come a single day. The reports by participants on the subject will be included in the Gathering Conferences.
The artists who will exhibit their works (from 1 to 3) on the subject will personally stands by exposure or other temporary space assigned - in the order of registration, size of the work and technique - within the Monastery.

Everyone of the participants will pay just the stay independently and will be able to reserve near hotels of Cava de' Tirreni. For the lunch and the supper it will be able to be organized to make to participate all in a same room if the number of the persons will not be elevated.

For information and recommendations concerning the admission and the hotels to contact Anna Russo tel. 347-1946957, e-mail: (Secretary to the International Gathering SS. Trinity Cava and President of S. ALFERIO ABATE).


Enrolment at the international ARTCUREL Gathering is free and open to all people interested in the topic “God is Love, Love is Art” of the Gathering. To register send:

Name, address, telephone, email, art or discipline scientific, cultural and religious interested.

Indicate the days when you participate in the Gathering: 14-15-16 July 2008.

In order to help the organization it is preferable that the persons give to news of the own participation at least a month before the date of the Gathering to the Editing of ARTCUREL.

For information and to signal the participation International Gathering “SS. Trinità di Cava” to contact Carlo Sarno ( President of the International Gathering “SS. Trinità di Cava” and Director of ARTCUREL) to address:

ARTCUREL: Art, Culture and Religion

Cav. Arch. Carlo Sarno
via Orilia, 6, 84013, Cava de’ Tirreni (SA), Italy.

Tel. /Fax: 089-441792; Cell. 331-2672397
Email: ; Website: 

To speak in English contact Anna Russo tel. 347-1946957, e-mail:


For those who want to deepen the point of view historical, artistic and cultural are possible guidate tours to Benedictine Abbey of the SS. Trinity of Cava de' Tirreni (SA) Italy, every day, including Sunday, 9,00-12,00 and 16,00-18,00. Path visit: Cathedral, Cave of S.Alferio with the Holy Rocky appearance of the SS. Trinity, Cloister, the New and Old Capitular Sala, Catacombs, Museum.

For information contact the Association S. Alferio Abate, via Morcaldi, 6, - 84100, Badia of Cava de' Tirreni (SA), tel. 089-463922,

info and reservations tours Anna Russo, tel. 347-1946957, e-mail: 

See also the link:  

Most dear brothers and sisters, the International Gathering of "SS. Trinità di Cava” is a great occasion not to lose in order to know us personally, in order to tighten the hand to us, to watch in the eyes, to speak to us about more and less, to create together an happy integral encounter where the Art, the Culture and the Religion are sweet contour to the Persons, in order to then resume the way of the Life and the Love with the joy of a beautiful memory in the heart!

Fraternally in Christ and Mary,

Carlo Sarno  (President Triennial International Gathering “SS. Trinità di Cava”)




ARTCUREL: Art, Culture and Religion

«A catholic christian portale on the universal artistic and cultural expression, the ARTCUREL's Mission is of to address by the art and culture the men to God.»

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